Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dark & Stormy.

Lime + Dark Rum + Ginger Beer = Crazy delicious.    

The oppressive triple-digit heat that is affecting most of the country right now is thankfully not reaching Boston.  But, oh man, is it humid.  As a girl who grew up in arid Utah, this humidity is a shock to my system.  And to my hair.  Sixty percent humidity with naturally frizzy hair doesn't create the most sleek and stylish look.  Luckily, messy buns are in and I am sporting one most days of the week.

When it is this hot and humid out, a refreshing summer cocktail is definitely in order.  Last week my husband reminded me that we had not yet had one of our favorite hot weather libations.  The Dark & Stormy.  Just the name brings back memories of hot summer nights in Salt Lake City.  Sitting on the deck of our downtown loft.  Listening to the bustling city below.  Watching the sun sink into the Oquirrh mountains.  Marveling at the pink alpenglow cast on west-facing Mount Olympus.  Intrigued by this memory-inducing delicious drink?  Here's how you make it.

Dark & Stormy:
Fill a 12-ounce glass with ice.  Squeeze the lime wedge over the ice and then drop the wedge into the glass.  Pour the rum into the glass.  Add the ginger beer.  Stir lightly and garnish with another lime wedge.  Enjoy.  And get ready to make another.  Trust me.  You'll want more than one.

What is your favorite summer cocktail?  Dark & Stormy.  Gin & Tonic with a cucumber slice.  Sangria.  And beer.  All beer.


  1. A messy bun is my go to look at the moment. So easy to look 'together' in very little time.

    My go to summer drink is gin & tonic with a slice of lime or if we're starting early, pimms & ginger ale with half a strawberry. Makes me long for summer.

  2. Oh & I will have to try a dark & stormy on the next hot day. Sounds like it has all the ingredients I just might like :)

  3. I don't miss the humidity! Although, we have it here as well. Jason laughs when I say Boston is humid (but only because he is from Missouri!).

    I am a beer gal. And lately, local white wine. It's so refreshing i the heat. I love a good Margarita (with GOOD tequila, not Jose Cuervo) but I like to eat Mexican with it, and that isn't happening here.

  4. I'll have to try that recipe. It looks good!


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