Friday, May 3, 2013

Endurance Junkies.

Our race pit area. // Ready to race! // Lee crossing the finish line.

When I met Lee back in 2007, he did these mountain bike races every summer in Canmore, Alberta, Canada called the 24-Hours of Adrenalin.  Like the name suggests, you ride your bike around a looped course on mountainous trails as many times as you can in twenty-four hours.  Having dabbled in endurance sports myself, of course I loved that he shared the same sort of passion.  And then, a year later, there was one of these races in Idyllwild, CA, which wasn't far from L.A. where I was living at the time.  Lee signed up for the 24-hour event and asked if I wanted to join him.  Not sure I was ready to bike all day and night, I signed up for the 8-hour race category instead.

I've got to hand it to Lee.  After six hours on my bike I was done.  DONE!  And he still had another 18 hours to go.

And after seeing him cross that finish line after 24-hours-and-37-minutes of mountain biking, I knew I just had to marry this man. 

**And THANK YOU to Becca at the daily muse for the shout out today!  I am so honored.**

Weekly Workouts: Monday - Crossfit: Seated shoulder press 4 sets of 4 reps (70lbs), then a whole mess of handstand push-ups and kettle bell swings (35lbs). Tuesday - Rest day. Wednesday - Crossfit: Power snatches + overhead squats (35lbs... my elbow is bugging me), then 35 chest-to-bar pullups (green band) + 1.25 mile run (12:47 time). Thursday - Crossfit: Turkish get-ups 2 sets of 8 (26lbs), then a whole lotta' burpees, ring dips and plank. Friday - Run! 5.1 miles/ 44:30. Pushing my little munchkin!    


  1. 24 hours of biking!? How? You guys are too much, I love it.

  2. Your husband is absolutely a "He Man". That sounds like one tough race. What an accomplishment. Congratulations.

  3. 24hr races must be intense, you did well doing the 8hr enduro!


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