Monday, May 6, 2013


Practicing high-fives! May 2013.

I find that if we don't have a rough plan for the weekend, by Sunday evening we're scratching our heads wondering where the last two days have gone.  Not that we need to have every minute of our Saturdays and Sundays completely structured, it just seems we spend a lot of mornings asking each other, What should we do today? and the next thing we know it's late afternoon and we're still without a plan.  I know weekends are for relaxing but I get sort of annoyed when I get to the end of one and can't really remember what we did.  We did manage to get out for a late afternoon of sangria and tapas at this new neighborhood wine bar, we went to REI to buy wheel racks for an upcoming road trip, and we went downstairs to our neighbor's house for a lesson in home beer-brewing (Lee may have found his newest hobby).

So, in hindsight, I guess we did do quite a bit.  But I think the reason I feel like we didn't accomplish a whole lot is that our weekend didn't involve much in the way of chores and now our apartment is in an embarrassing state of disarray.  You may remember that one of my new year's resolutions for 2013 is to proactively keep our apartment clean.  And I am sort of failing on that resolution at the moment.

Since Alice's favorite new game is to remove all the contents of drawers, I feel like as soon as I clean up one mess, there is another waiting for me.  And the laundry seems to pile up more quickly now that we spend more time outside in the dirt of the park.  And the kitchen and the bathrooms are in need of a scrub which I can't seem to find the time (or motivation!) to do.  And the clothes in my closet have been haphazardly hung and stuffed back into drawers making it impossible to find things.  And... And... And... the list goes on.

So today, rather than stress over all the many chores that need to be done, I am trying to focus on finishing one major task at a time.  And since everyone under this roof is low on clean underwear, I figured laundry should be my first priority.  And because I spend so much time in it, I'll tackle the kitchen next.  Bathrooms can wait till tomorrow.  Or maybe the next day, even.  Or maybe the bathrooms can even wait till the weekend when Lee can clean them.

Now there's a good idea.

What is your least favorite household chore?  And what is your favorite?  My least favorite chore is definitely cleaning bathrooms.  And my favorite chore is vacuuming with laundry being a close second.  I'm sure you're thinking, Laundry? Is she crazy?!  It's very possible that I'm crazy but I just feel such a sense of accomplishment for that nanosecond that our clothes hamper is empty.

Weekend Workouts: Saturday - Rest day.  Although I should've done something.  Sunday - Run! 5.2 miles /41:28 minutes.  Finally, a run without Alice and a run with consistent sub-8 min/miles!        


  1. I feel this way so often. I have an inner struggle with what I'm supposed to do on my weekends. Part of me feels that I work so hard during the week, often times with evening obligations, that I deserve to have a chill/non-productive weekend that includes sleeping in. The other part of me knows how much needs to be done around the house and the number of items on my "to do" list. I have a really hard time relaxing if my house is not clean (or at least picked up) and I kick myself for sleeping in, thinking of everything I should've been doing during the morning hours. I obviously need to find some middle ground here!
    P.S. I hate cleaning bathrooms too- we have 3!

  2. Whenever we are too busy on the weekend we say we should have more time to just relax... And whenever we relax we fret that nothing got done. You can't win. I am not a fan of laundry. Or dishes. Or certainly cleaning the bathroom. Chores really aren't my thing!

  3. Bathrooms are the worst. I put that off til the bitter end. I try to do a load or two of laundry during the week, so that I'm not spending all day on Saturday inside doing laundry. xo


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