Monday, October 22, 2012

Seven Months.

Alice, her guy, and Clifton. Chillin' on the couch.  

Dear Love Bug,

You are seven months old today!  This last month went by so quickly that it seems like we just finished writing our six month letter to you.  We haven't weighed you lately but we can tell by our tired arms and your tight-fitting onesies that you are getting bigger every day.  No new teeth yet but we imagine those top ones will make an appearance in the coming weeks.  And, slowly but surely, you are growing more of that fine auburn hair.  We hope you have enough for a barrette come your first birthday!   

Meal time is one of your favorite times of the day and, when you are overly hungry (or tired!), we can't shovel the food into your mouth quickly enough.  This last month you tried yogurt and pumpkin, both of which you loved.  We haven't found a food that you don't like yet!  Since you are very opinionated already, we're sure it is only a matter of time until you let us know a food you do not like.

You have developed quite an affection for your little lovey, who we call your guy.  As soon as your guy makes an appearance as we near nap or bedtime, your face lights up and you reach for him with outstretched arms.  Once he is in your grasp, you greet him with a slobbery kiss and a chomp on his head.  And then he stays peacefully nestled in your arms while you sleep.  It's a good think Mommy ordered an extra identical lovey as he needs a break from your little mouth to have a bath every so often!

You sit up by yourself with no problems but have yet to make a move towards crawling.  When a toy gets just out of your reach you try with all of your might to stretch your fingers to grab it but, if it is too far away, you give a  hhhmmmph and then play with something else.  We are both excited for you to crawl but Mommy knows her days will become a lot busier once you can get around on your own.  Maybe Daddy should do some baby-proofing soon!

You seem to have developed a shyness in certain situations and, when you are feeling a bit coy, you shrug up your left shoulder and tuck your head down towards it and then give a little sideways smile.  Mommy has named this your shy shoulder move and it always makes us laugh when we see you do it.  We don't know where you learned it but it sure is cute to watch.

Alice Glen, you are growing up so quickly.  And we are so happy to be your parents.   We love you so much.

Mom & Dad.



  1. Happy 7 months, Alice! Yesterday Emil turned 14 months, and I look back at his 7-month birthday with such fond feelings.

    She is a seriously intelligent-looking baby, if that makes any sense. Such a curious girl!

  2. They grow up so fast! She's such a cutie!!

  3. So cute! I personally love a bald baby. Wyatt was born with a full head of hair and then it all fell out and he was (basically) bald until way past his first birthday. I miss that fuzzy little noggin :)

  4. Happy 7 months Alice. I love the drooly photo, the next teeth must be on their way! Lulu's just gone 8 months and is getting teeth number 5 and 6! She also has no interest in crawling, which is fine by me. We'll have to get eyes in the back of our heads once they start crawling.

  5. Such a cutie and oh so smart! Love how she is growing so fast. I just want to squish her! Yes, you should be thankful she can't escape... Soon though very soon you will have to keep an extra eye on her.

    When I was visiting, I was totally amazed, she would sit quietly (most times) next to her box of toys, when one got out of reach or she got tired, she just pulled more of the toys out to play with.

    I loved her food routine. Hands and feet were wiggling in circles, because she was soo... excited. She is a good eater. She is a very smart, talented and beautiful little girl. XOXO Grandma

  6. She looks so much like you in that last one with Clifton! I am so glad she has a lovey she adores. We keep trying to get Nolan to fall in love with the one we have, but either he doesn't like it, or it tates good, because he just likes to chew on it :)


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