Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekend + total embarrassment.

After all those holidays it was nice to be back to a normal weekend routine.  Ours was spent lounging (i.e. me glued to the couch... I had zero energy Saturday AM!) with a trip into the city to look at and order our new FLOR rug.  But more on that another day.

So I had something super embarrassing happen to me on Friday evening (and S, if you're reading this, I am still mortified).  In the late afternoons, after Alice is up from her nap, I often put her in the baby carrier and do an apartment clean-up.  Vacuuming.  Folding laundry.  Dishes.  We had just taken the recycling out and, on our way back in, I picked up two packages that had been delivered that day.  As we got into the foyer of our building one of our neighbors was just getting in the elevator and held the door for us.  Usually we take the stairs but since he'd been kind enough to wait and since I was carrying boxes, we joined him for the ride up.  I pushed my button, he pushed his.  And then we sat there in that awkward elevator silence.  Alice was doing the usual baby thing of staring at him with her drool-y mouth all agape and I was doing my best to hold onto the boxes I was carrying while making small talk.  The elevator door opened and, as we got off, our building maintenance man was standing there waiting to get on.  I said hello as we passed him and continued down the hall towards our apartment.  As I got closer I heard a strange noise coming from behind our door.  The noise was faint but it sounded like my cats had gotten into a scuffle and that one of them was hurt.  Worried something was wrong I quickly opened the door and walked in to see what had happened.

Aaaaaaand I was in the wrong apartment.

I realized this as I was two steps through the door and into my neighbor's hallway and saw her standing there about to feed her newborn.  I blurted out something like OH MY GOD! I AM TOTALLY ON THE WRONG FLOOR! I AM SO SORRY!  Luckily I know my neighbor and she just laughed at my silly mistake.

So, in my haste to get out of the awkward elevator ride, we'd gotten off one floor too early and then I didn't bother to look up at the door to realize I was on the wrong floor.  And my neighbor's darling little newborn (one of two... she has twins!) in hindsight sounded nothing like a cat but just a hungry little baby.

Maybe I should add Pay more attention! to my list of new year's resolutions. 


  1. Haha .. that gave me a nice chuckle over my morning coffee! That is totally something I would do. But the bright side is definitely that at least you knew the neighbor!

  2. Oh my word that's awesome!!! At least it was a friendly neighbor!

  3. That is too funny. Since each floor in your apartment building looks almost exactly alike... I can see how you could do that. Hope she has a good sense of humor

    Don't get lost on your next walk "by not paying attention". xoxo

  4. That's pretty funny! I used to live in a big apartment building and I came close to doing that a couple of times, but I had a floor mat outside my door and always realized my mistake when the mat was missing. I'm also a little surprised the door was unlocked!


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