Monday, November 19, 2012

Grand America.

Since our loft was only recently vacated and we have very little furniture to fill it, we decided to stay in a hotel while on vacation in Salt Lake City. As we looked at hotels we'd stayed in before, all of them were fully booked! A little research showed there was a big convention in town the same week, filling up all the moderately priced hotel rooms. But there was one place with rooms still available! The Grand America. It is more on the expensive side but, since our trip also coincided with my husband's 40th birthday, we decided to splurge and stay there for the first few days of our trip.

I had been inside the Grand America before but not as a guest. I just happened to work in the cafe when the hotel first opened over ten years ago. Side note: My husband loves to tease me about the number of jobs I've had over the years before becoming a nurse. Just to name a few... the Gap, Pottery Barn, Chevy's, Abercrombie, Red's Frozen Yogurt, the Cheesecake Factory... I could go on!

Alice & Grandma Julie enjoying the monster wall.
If floor-to-ceiling Italian marble, sparkling crystal chandeliers, and heavy tapestries are your style, you'll love this hotel. Nothing was spared in building it and everything down to the smallest detail feels luxurious. It is a beautiful place. But not really our style. I guess my husband and I prefer a more streamlined and modern look in a hotel. But we had a wonderful time staying there.

The Grand America has an amazing toy store and candy shop that, if Alice were a bit older, would've been so fun to see her run around in. She was in awe of the colors and the lights and the interactive monster wall. And all that candy?! Shockingly, this former self-professed candy addict didn't buy even one little piece. I'm all grown up, I guess.

On our last morning there, we took Alice to the indoor pool for a swim. She loved it, of course. And I loved the views of the historic City & County Building and the towering Wasatch Mountains.

Damn, I miss living in this town.


  1. Luxurious indeed, and those mountains do look beautiful. I love the west, although I've never been to Utah. I do think it would be tough to leave New England though, I'm so used to these grouchy people that anything short of that makes me uncomfortable :) A guy from Utah bought my old couch off craigslist and he was so nice it was unnerving!

    Enjoy those big beautiful mountains.

  2. That candy-toy store is amazing. I love all the colors that you captured in your photos. All of the pictures are fabulous.

    How did Alice like the pool? She loves being in the tub, so I bet she loved it. Not afraid of water!

    Glad you got a chance to splurge, and had a GRAND experience. It really is a beautiful hotel.

  3. The mountains are just beautiful & the last photo of Alice made me smile, such a cute face. That candy store is something else, so colourful. There is no way my husband would have been in there without buying most of the store!


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