Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Off the Wagon.

 (9 loooong days without you.)

Today's run was brought to you by... SHORTS!  And.... CADBURY!  Yep.  I'm back on the eggs.  I went 9 days without one and, after my night shift last night, I couldn't hold out any longer.  Aaaaaand I bought four.  They'll most likely be gone by 10 p.m. and I'm okay with that.  Enough about Cadbury.  Let's move on to RUNNING IN SHORTS!

When I woke up from my day-of-sleeping-post-night-shift... I was groggy... I was grumpy...  and I certainly didn't feel like going out for a run.  But then I remembered just how good I would feel after my run and that was all the motivation I needed to get off my ass and get out the door.  I checked and it was 48 degrees outside.  48 degrees is TOTALLY 'running in shorts' weather (it's sad that I now think 48 is warm enough for shorts but whatev).   So I did a run around the reservoir and when I got home I felt like a million bucks.  Now where are the rest of those eggs?

Do you sometimes eat candy after a run?  I am embarrassed to admit this but sometimes my post-run snack is a piece of chocolate followed soon-there-after by a protein smoothie or a big bowl of cereal.  I promise 94% of what I eat is really healthy.  And then there is the 6% that is filled with gummy candy or chocolate or baked goods or cookies... all in moderation, though.

Is it 'running-in-shorts' weather where you live?  I'll admit... it was a little chilly when I first got out there today... but after about 5 minutes, the fresh air felt AWESOME on my bare legs! 

Garmin stats:  5 miles/39 minutes. 'Round the Reservoir.  And now my head is clear.  Thank god for that.


  1. LOVE the Cadbury!! ;) oh.. and I still don't run so the question doesn't apply to me!!

  2. You must have shut comments off of your last post?? and your beautiful self and loving persona are welcome to my party ANY DAY! (sorry it won't be tooooo glamorous...I'm more thrifty than classy!) I have only worn shorts three times. They have all been documented. Can I say that I love that you fell off "the wagon" I eat healthy SO MUCH that I just have learned to SMILE and ENJOY the treats I give myself. I have mastered moderation and don't worry so much about blowing up anymore. Running and happiness are keeping me trim enough not to go crazy thinking about no chocolate!

  3. Side thought....if that post was referring to something you've mentioned to me in a only advice is DON'T STRESS. ;)


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