Friday, November 16, 2012


Morning frost. SLC. Nov 2012.

So Lauren over at Crumbbums gave me the nod for the Liebster Award. Hmmmm. Not sure of its meaning, I googled it and, sure enough, the Liebster Award is a real thing. I'm honored! Anyway, Lauren's questions were fun and I had a good time answering them. Hopefully you enjoy reading some random things about me.

  1. Favorite band or musician? I'm embarrassed to admit that, in the last five years or so, I haven't been exposed to much new music. Who knows why. So I'd have to say my favorite band is Radiohead. I've been to six of their shows and they never fail to disappoint. Thom Yorke's voice is amazing!
  2. What is a household chore that you secretly enjoy doing? Vacuuming. No question. This might sound totally weird and totally disgusting but who cares. We have a clear canister where the dirt gets sucked into and I sort of love seeing how much accumulates on a round of vacuuming. And, because we have two cats and my husband is allergic to them, I vacuum almost every day.
  3. If you had to choose one place to live for the rest of your life, where would it be? Hmmmm. Well I'd love to say San Francisco because I am obsessed with that city but I know my heart resides in Salt Lake. As opposite as the majority's religious and political views are to what we believe, there is just something about that place that draws me back. We hope to be living there again in the near future.
  4. In lieu of the upcoming holidays, pies: pumpkin or pecan? Pumpkin!
  5. What are your favorite things to place atop a burger? The formerly-seven-years-vegetarian in me would dry heave at my answer but... Bacon. And carmelized onions.
  6. Do you believe in ghosts? Not really. Although I did have some creepy experiences walking the halls of the old L.A. County Hospital at 2AM as a nursing student. You know that feeling that someone is there but you are all alone? Yep. Creepy.
  7. Have you ever broken a bone? Yes. My right wrist when I was 8 or 9. Typical little kid incident of playing on playground equipment and falling on an outstretched arm. The funny thing is, though, when the school nurse called my mom to tell her what happened and that she suspected my wrist was broken, my mom told the nurse she was sure I was faking it. I was vindicated by getting that cast!
  8. Wearing socks to bed: do or don't? Big DON'T.
  9. What do you consider your biggest accomplishment thus far? Becoming a mom. And running three ultra marathons. I only finished 53 miles of this grueling 100 mile race but I'm proud that I made it that far. And I will definitely run (and finish!) that race someday.
  10. What do you consider the funniest part of parenting? I find it funny that I'm doing things as a mom I said I'd never do. Licking my finger and then using it to clean Alice's face. Singing and dancing and making a general fool of myself while out in public to keep Alice entertained. Becoming obsesssed over the bowel habits of my baby. Picking up her dropped pacifier, blowing on it, and handing it back to her because I don't have a spare. The list could go on!
  11. How do you take your coffee? Milk and a bit of honey. Honey in coffee?! Try it. You'll like it.
Hopefully you are still reading! And now it's my turn. I am nominating the following people for the Liebster Award (and anyone else who is interested). Play along!

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Mommy Blog

  1. When an adult asked you as a kid what you wanted to be when you grow up, what was your answer?
  2. If you celebrate Christmas, real or fake Christmas tree?
  3. What is your favorite time of the day and why?
  4. In your current relationship, who said "I love you" first?
  5. When shopping for clothes, do you prefer to get-in-and-get-out or do you like to make a day of it?
  6. Leaving the bodily functions out of it, what is the first thing you usually do in the morning?
  7. With the upcoming New Year, do you make resolutions? Do you have any in mind for 2013?
  8. If money wasn't an issue, where is the one place in the world you'd like to travel?
  9. Climate Change (formerly known as Global Warming). Do you believe in it? Why or why not?
  10. And last, but maybe most important of all, how do YOU take your coffee? Who knows. I might need this information someday when we meet.


  1. It looks so snowy and lovely in Utah. It must be very festive for the holidays!

    Radiohead never goes out of style, I am terrible with keeping up with new music these days too. I have two friends (single one's who still go to lots of shows) that I always badger to fill me in when we actually get together once a year.

    And I'm not a big coffee fan, but with a little honey- hmmm? Maybe :)

  2. I'm so glad you answered! I loved reading this. Seriously. I grinned like an idiot the entire time. I love Radiohead too! Also, I loved your answer to number 10-- all the things we think we'd never in a million years do as parents, we end up doing. So funny.

    Have a great weekend! I really do love your blog, Briana!

  3. you are kind, thank you. I will find some time over the next day or two to respond :)

    I am going to try the honey!

  4. Loved reading your answers. You were in 2nd grade. I did think you were faking when you broke your arm. I guess if there wasn't blood or a bone poking out, it wasn't real. But it was real and I was so sad that I hadn't believed you. That was the first time I had heard (and learned) about a compression fracture.

    I remember when you and Grace drove to Seattle to see Radiohead.... and almost died. Some crazy force of nature kept you from being killed in that car that day. So, So, So, Glad, Relieved, Happy, Grateful, (and a lot other words), that you are my daughter. xoxo

  5. I think running three ultra marathons is AMAZING. You are super human. I've tried honey in my cup of tea before but never in coffee, will have to give it a go. Thanks for nominating me, will post my answers soon. I love your blog too x

  6. OH MY GOSH! Question 7. My mom thought I was faking, TOO! I break my wrist, we go home, she leisurely showers and gets herself ready while I'm writhing in the dog. Total cast vindication!


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