Monday, October 29, 2012


Friday:  My little sidekick and I picked up my husband from his office.  And then Alice worked on some spreadsheets while Daddy finished up his workday. 

Saturday:  Scenic 37-mile road ride in the morning.  The leaves!  Oh, the leaves were spectacular.  Bill Maher couch date in the evening.  Made our little family into finger people wearing Halloween costumes.  In bed by 8:30PM.  Party animals!

Sunday:  TWO trips to the grocery store in the mayhem that is the impending Frankenstorm.  No parking!  No grocery carts!  No fun.  CrossFit in the evening.  And then this ridiculously good salad for dinner.  I could drink that dressing.

How was yours?


  1. Oh, the finger people. I love them!

  2. Hope you guys are all safe in the storm, eating your grocery stash. Your weekend seems deliciously healthy. And I must confess, since having Lulu, we've hit the 8:30 bedtime more than once, including on a Saturday. You're not alone.

  3. Alice the executive! Perfect! Boston is so very beautiful when the leaves are turning. Glad you got to go out and enjoy the beautiful colors on the trees. After the storm, I bet all of those leaves will be gone. Stay safe! xoxo


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