Tuesday, October 30, 2012


The good ol' days. September 2012.  

I take back everything I said last week about wishing for inclement weather.  With a baby, being forced to stay in isn't all that fun!  Obviously a hurricane barreled down on Boston yesterday which gave us no choice but to stay inside.  All day.  And, by 3PM, Alice and I were both totally over everything to do with our apartment and I was cursing Sandy's name.

Usually Alice and I get out of the house once but more like twice a day.  Walk around the reservoir.  Quick trip to the grocery store.  Out for a run.  Even on those days when I am feeling reclusive and don't feel like getting out... if I needed to, I could.  Yesterday?  As the wind whipped and the rain came down sideways, Sandy's threatening potential closed everything in our neighborhood.  So in we stayed.

And crazy we went.

We sang songs.  Played games.  Alice sort of napped.  I did a closet purge.  We baked cookies.  And roasted curried cauliflower.  Made baby food.  We sang more songs.  Played with toys in other rooms besides hers.  Alice sort of napped again.  And, as we neared dinnertime, I am pretty sure Alice was sick of seeing my face. 

I've realized getting out of our apartment, whether for a long or short period, gives both of us a break from each other.  Alice sits quietly in her stroller, taking in the world around her while I sort through whatever may be going on in my brain.  She gets her alone time.  I get mine.  And then we arrive back to our apartment ready to hang out with each other again.

But neither of us got that alone time yesterday. 

I tried giving her some time by herself in her room but she lasted only five or so minutes before squawking for my return.  It must be something about the constantly changing scenery or the fresh air while in the stroller that keeps her attention more than a box of toys and the four walls of her room.

So here's to hoping Sandy's stormy weather is long gone today.  Alice and I need to get out of our apartment!  Not only for our mental health, of course, but also because we are totally out of coffee and beer!   I know, I know.  Crisis, right?!

 Get me outta this place, Mom!  


  1. It's never easy being trapped inside. We actually did a preemptive windy morning walk before the rain got heavy. It helped! James was also working from home so that meant a far easier day for me. Hopefully you guys can get back out there today!

    Glad you tried the curry- hope it was tasty :)

    1. My husband worked from home yesterday, too, but that sort of made it worse as he spends a good portion of his day on the phone. Sort of hard to explain to a 7-month old why she can't do her usual scream-at-the-top-of-her-lungs when I stepped out of the room for a minute!

      That curry dish was amazing! xo.

  2. No beer or coffee!! You have to be let outside or someone needs to make a delivery. Good to hear you weathered the storm ok, aside from the coffee & beer. I totally get the cooped up thing. Lulu loves to get out of the house, even if it's just the short walk to the mail box. Hopefully you'll be allowed out today.

  3. Glad the storm is only bringing rain and wind. Would hate to have you go to a shelter... now that would be an adventure. But not one I would want you to have to do with Alice.

    Cute picture of Ms Alice. xoxo Mom


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