Friday, October 5, 2012

Dressing up.

Chambray Shirt Dress. Breastfeeding friendly!  

It's only been within the last few weeks that I've started wearing dresses again.  I love wearing dresses!  But most of them aren't conducive to breastfeeding, which I have been doing a lot of up until recently.  Now that we've introduced more solids into Alice's little diet, she only nurses about four times in a day and goes at least four hours between sessions, which means I can wear a dress again when going out!  It's a good thing, too, as I have picked up a few cute ones for fall.

Back in the early days of breastfeeding, I was very nervous about doing it in public and how my clothing would accommodate that.  Now?  I am much more relaxed about the whole thing.  My back is showing?  No problem.  My stomach is hanging out?  Who cares!  But it's a bit difficult to discretely breastfeed while wearing a dress as I am sure hiking it up around my waist would draw a bit of attention.

 Going for coffee!  

There is a hip new coffee shop that opened in our neighborhood over the summer.  Alice and I have been frequenting it lately, usually in the afternoon when she needs a trip out of our apartment and I need another cup of coffee.  They did a wonderful job decorating the space and they serve pretty good coffee and food to boot.  We've been a dozen or so times but it wasn't until last week that I noticed what now has become my favorite thing about this place.  In the back they have notebooks, sharpies, colorful pens and colored pencils and they invite you to doodle, to write, or to enjoy what others have created within the pages.  I've seen this before at a coffee house in San Francisco where they have bookshelves full of journals with pages filled with all sorts of things.  My sister and I could've spent hours reading what others had written as some of it was truly like a personal journal entry.  There is something sort of liberating about writing down your feelings in such a personal manner for anyone to read.  Baring your soul.  Sharing your innermost secrets.  I just doodled Alice's name for my first entry in their notebook.  

But maybe someday I'll be brave enough to write something a bit more personal.    


  1. Very pretty dresses, you look great! Putting on a dress always makes me feel good (although most of mine are either a decade old or from Target- clothes aren't my biggest thing :)) Oh and that first one would also be excellent for breastfeeding, yay buttons!

  2. I love your stripy dress, it looks great, especially with your bright red scarf. I clicked on the cafe link, it looks cool, what a great place to hang out & have numerous cups of coffee.

  3. You look fantastic, lady! Love the dresses! And what a fun coffee shop. I should own stock in coffee shops in St. Louis I'm so addicted!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. You look absolutely beautiful, glad I get to see you and your cute dresses in person. xoxo


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