Monday, August 27, 2012


After a few weeks away on vacation, it was nice to have a relaxing (and lazy!) weekend at home.  Hopefully yours was nice, too.
  1. Chevron-striped dress.  For some reason, this weekend was the first time I've worn it all summer.
  2. Clouds.  Tower.  Power lines.
  3. Making a mess with carrots!
  4. Friday evening gin & tonic with blueberries.
  5. New neighborhood coffee spot.  Aviator chair.  Awesome old wood table.  Latte and toast with ricotta & honey.
  6. Sunday afternoon Sam Adam's Cherry Wheat.  Tastes like fall.
  7. Teething baby = Miserable baby (and miserable Mommy & Daddy).
And my poor little iPhone did, in fact, perish in the great swan-dive-into-the-toilet debacle.  Of course I hadn't backed up my phone in, oh, about 6 months so, of course, I lost a ton of photos.  But thankfully I keep this blog and many of those photos are safely stored here.  And now I have iCloud and all is well. 

Let's hope I can keep my new little iPhone out of my back pocket and out of bodies of water from now on.  


  1. Great pictures but what a bummer about the phone! I never back mine up- it's a good reminder to do it more often.

  2. Oh no, you lost all your photos!! I haven't backed up in a long time. I'll look into iCloud. And I will have to try gin & tonic with blueberries - Nice. I hear you on the teething baby. I hate that Lulu now wakes up crying in the night rather than talking, poor thing.
    Love the dress, you should have worn it a lot more this summer, looks like the perfect vacation dress!

  3. Great collage of pictures. I'll be sending you some of your pictures back to you... sorry you have to re-create your photo albums. We just backed up everything on my "old" phone... just in case it bites the dust. Miss you '3'. xoxo


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