Sunday, August 5, 2012

Perfect Score!

iPhone on vacation. Maybe permanently. August 2012.    

Everyone is on vacation.  Me.  Alice.  My husband.  Even my iPhone.  My poor little iPhone aspired to be an Olympic diver the other night and swan-dove into the toilet.  Yep.  Straight into the toilet.  Double twist, pike rotation with minimal splash.  Or something like that.  I was quick to get it out, though.  In fact, I'm sure I hold the Olympic record for hand-to-iPhone-in-toilet time.  But alas, my quickness may not save my beloved mobile device.  Only time will tell as my phone has not been turned on since.  It spent the night in a tupperware of rice and is now residing in front of a bedroom fan probably for the remainder of our vacation.  And my husband still won't touch my hand (or my phone!) that took a dip in the toilet. 

I sure hope it decides to come back from vacation when we do!

Ugh.  Is there any hope for my water-logged iPhone?  Sadly enough, this is the second phone that has suffered this fate at my hands.  Let me give you some advice... DO NOT carry your phone in your back pocket when going to use the bathroom.  Just don't.


  1. Instead of another one bit the dust. It's another one took the plunge. You may have some withdrawal symptoms, by not being connected... they soon shall pass.

    You are on vacation, no need to check in with the electronic world. Just relax and enjoy being away. Other than I do miss you sending cute pictures of your little one and the family.

    Does insurance cover something like this? Was your phone under warranty? Well, anyway have fun on your vacation. xoxo

  2. Nick's sister did the same thing, iphone, back pocket, toilet. It did not end well. Plus she was traveling by herself in Italy at the time. So she didn't try rice or anything else. I hope your phone fairs better :)

  3. I dropped my phone in the tub at the nail salon as a I was getting ready for a pedi. I, like you dove in after it with a super-human quickness. It never even turned off, and has shown no signs of being dunked since. That was about a month ago. Hope you get the same results.

  4. oh no! although it hasn't happened to me (knock on wood!) i know many people that did the rice thing and their iphone worked fine after.


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