Sunday, December 19, 2010

What were we thinking?

Lee + Aviator Chair = Swoon!

You want to know the worst place to be 6 days before Christmas?  The mall.  And Lee and I went to not one, not two, but THREE MALLS PLUS BEST BUY today less than A WEEK before Christmas!!  What were we thinking?  We must be masochists, right?!? For two people who don't celebrate this particular holiday, the mall is probably about as enjoyable as a recovering alcoholic hanging out in a bar.  We decided to go early and brave the frenzied crowds to check out a few furniture items we'd been eye-ing online.  There is this super sweet leather/steel aviator chair that we'd seen a few weeks back at Restoration Hardware and we decided to go check it out once again.  We love it but it isn't a 'must have right now' item... so we're passing on it... for now (it's super cool though). 

We're having a difficult time at the moment deciding what furniture items we are willing to buy now to use in Boston that we can take back to S.L.C. and yet will still look 'cool, modern, and hip' in our downtown loft in Utah.  I've mentioned it before, but we're very conscious of buying the 'right now' item only to dispose of it in two (or so) years when we leave Boston for Salt Lake.  The good thing is, we're keeping this idea at the forefront and we've asked ourselves that question before every purchase we've made out here... and, after that, some items definitely did not make it past the register.

Supposedly there is snow in the forecast for this week but I'll believe it when I see it.  They've been forecasting snow at least once a week every week since I moved here and I've yet to see a single flake.  I'm sure after typing this we'll now have the worst winter storm to hit New England since 1962.  Bring it on, Mother Nature!


  1. You and your husband are adorable!! The mall is a headache this time of year! Good luck with the furniture and you should post what you end up deciding on!

  2. Hey! Have I told you I love your blog. I am going to follow you..

    You love Boston as much as I do and I am going to live vicariously through you guys.


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