Saturday, July 14, 2012

Small Victories.

Enjoying the ride. July 2012.    

It seems Alice has outgrown her hatred for riding in the stroller.  Hallelujah.  And I have gotten my confidence back with taking her places in it.  Now, when I strap her in, she'll fuss and do the stiff-as-a-board body a litte bit but I've learned that if I distract her with a song, she pipes down.  I always get a few looks from passersby as I am singing songs and making faces while putting her in the stroller but hey, at least she isn't wailing. 

It's the small victories, you guys. 

Strava Stats: Monday = Upper body weights + 40 girl push-ups.  Tuesday = My first official ride on my Cervelo.  Just 12 miles at 5AM but it was unbelievable.  Wednesday = Pure Barre.  Thursday = No official workout but Alice and I walked about 4 miles all over the city.  Yesterday = 4.5 miles/39 minutes.  We managed to do a run together!  There were a few walk breaks for big hills and to reinsert the pacifier but Alice didn't make a peep the entire ride.  She enjoyed the sites in the beginning of our run and then drifted off with the gentle jostling of the stroller.

Let's rock n' roll! July 2012.    


  1. Congrats! It's great that Alice is getting better at being in the stroller, so you have more freedom in getting out. With your help it looks like Alice may be an explorer, learning, seeing new and exciting things on your walks. The distractions seem to work too, with keeping her quiet... you have a beautiful voice... so keep on singing to her!

    PS: have fun with your new bike!

  2. Fantastic. It's so great to be able to strap them into the pram & just go.

  3. I'm all about the small victories! They are always important with kids. When I was home on maternity leave there were days where just getting dressed and feeding everyone was considered a victory.

    Just remember that one day you'll wish you could be back here holding your baby. I always remind myself of that when the day is rough.


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