Monday, July 16, 2012

Being Bold.

  Stila Stay All Day lipstick. And stay it did.    

On Friday afternoon, Alice and I went for a walk to the park.  Before we left, I did my usual makeup routine.  Sunscreen.  Tinted moisturizer.  Blush.  And mascara.  Earlier in the week I received a sample of long-wearing lipstick with my online order from Sephora.  Right before we left, I thought I'd try it out.  And, oh wow.  It's colorful.  Like solid pigment.  Like a sort of look-at-me kind of color.  Since it is a lip stain, it wasn't coming off easily so I decided What the hell? and I embraced the bold lips for our afternoon walk.

And since I kept the rest of my face simple, I didn't leave the house looking like a pageant queen.  Or a Real Housewife.  Which is, of course, a good thing.

Would you wear a bold lip in the middle of the day?  I often see women rocking a neon pink or brick orange lip and I'm always envious of their boldness.  Maybe it was a little much for laying on the grass in the middle of the day but whatever.  Alice loved it.  I loved it.  And that's all that matters. 

Bold lips in the afternoon. July 2012.    


  1. Love it! You and Alice look so glam!

  2. I think it looks fabulous!

  3. It looks great. I love trying bold lip colours. And a free lip gloss? Perfect!

  4. You look gorgeous. I think the bold color looks great on you. I wear lipstick almost every day. But I'm not as daring. Have fun with it! xoxo


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