Monday, July 9, 2012

Laundry Line.

 Airing Laundry. July 2012.     

A few days ago, I saw this picture by Mama Smith and was inspired to take my own as we both seemed to be doing the same thing that day.  Diaper laundry.  Her son's cloth diapers drying in the fresh summer sun while Alice's were drying in our dark and windowless bathroom.  So funny.  But hey, at least we are both committed to using cloth diapers.  And we do have a patio so, on occasion when the wind isn't whipping or there isn't a small army of flies buzzing about, Alice's diapers do get a chance at some fresh air and sunshine.  

I think a little bit of that is good for everyone.  

Strava stats: I managed to be more consistent with my workouts last week.  And I feel so much better for it, too.  Two days of running (5 miles and 3 miles), two days of slimming Pure Barre (I swear, it totally works!), a day of TRX, and an impromptu bike ride yesterday.  I've been in the market for a new road bike for a while now and, yesterday, it all came together.  Meet my new Cervelo.  I love her already.

    My R3. A new obsession begins. July 2012.        


  1. I love your version of the clothesline! In fact when I first looked at the picture I thought it was a ruffle at the top of your curtain- so color coordinated :)

    I am in awe of your workouts and that is a very sweet ride! Congrats.

  2. Well done on your work outs. Everything went out the window for me when we went on holidays. We're back on Friday & I'll be straight back into it Friday afternoon.

    Your clothes line looks so cute & I love your shower curtain!

  3. Hehe. Don't feel bad about the cloth diapers drying in doors. We do it too. Canadian winters are NOT clothes line friendly!

    Glad you're getting out there for exercise. I know how much it helped keep me sane when my babies were that small. Even now at 2.5 and 1 I need that me time. Enjoy it and know it makes you a better mommy!


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