Monday, June 18, 2012

Stroller Mayhem.

Feather Art. Back Bay Fens.

Alice has stolen a bit of my stroller confidence.  Lately, she has been having major meltdowns every time I put her in the stroller.  Not right away, though.  About 15 or so minutes into a walk or run.  Like red in the face.  Screaming.  Total freak out.  She isn't hungry.  She doesn't have a dirty diaper.  She isn't being pinched or squeezed by the harness.  Trust me.  I've checked.  She's just tired.  So tired.  And she loves to fight sleep.  For some reason Alice is no longer lulled to sleep by the gentle jostle of the stroller like she used to be.  What gives?  Why is it that babies can't just go the eff to sleep?!  Why must they kick and scream into napping?!  I don't get it.

And, the thing is, it isn't just the stroller that she fights.  Oh no.  It's the car seat, too.  It's like she's decided that she is just going to wail when we strap her into anything.  So I am sure you can imagine just how fun it is driving in the car with this kid when she's tired.  Good times.

On Friday I was determined to go for a walk with Alice in the stroller.  She must learn to like riding in that thing!  As usual, she lasted about 15 minutes and then we neared nap time.  And then squirming started, followed quickly by grunts and a scrunched up and red-turning face.  I knew the wailing wasn't far off so I attempted to placate her with her pacifier.  She promptly spit it out. 

And then she screeeeeeeeeeamed.  The serenity of the Back Bay Fens was now filled with Alice's angry and tired cry.  

I stopped at a park bench and got right in her face and shushed her and talked her down.  I jostled the pacifier and rocked the stroller.  It didn't help.  She continued to wail, her tired little eyes heavy with sleep.  She wasn't giving in easily.  But neither was I.

I was going to win this battle.  Alice doesn't yet realize just how stubborn her mom is.

I persevered and continued to shush and rock and pacify her until she finally gave in and fell asleep.  All while in the stroller.  I won.

Don't get me wrong.  I hate to hear her cry like that.  But I was right there the entire time.  My face right next to hers.  My hands wrapped around her little shoulders, cuddling her as best I could.  All of her needs were met except for one.  She just needed sleep.

She slept for the remainder of our walk.  I was then able to enjoy the quiet and snap a few photos.  But you better believe I was quick to take a picture and then get moving again as you never know when the lack of stroller movement could awaken a peacefully sleeping baby.  

 Snapshots of a Walk. Back Bay Fens.

Any tips for getting Alice to like riding in the car seat and stroller around nap time?  I am a master at putting Alice to sleep when we're at home.  But out and about in the stroller is a different story.  When Alice is tired, I've realized that she needs to be totally shut down from a stimulation perspective... so putting a blanket over the stroller usually helps in stopping her from wildly looking around and not napping.   


  1. Nolan has started to hate the car seat. I have found the key is to make trips at the right times.

    I know that sounds silly - I have thought myself "I am not going to be a slave to naptime"! Then a few sleepless nights for me because naps were bad=me a slave to nap time.

    So make sure she isn't overtired when you go out. Easier said then done, but it will help.

    I also have a favorite toy of Nolans that I hide and only pull out when he is in the car. I also spend a lot of time in the backseat with him, while Jason drives. Obviously this is only on the weekends.

    good luck!

  2. Do you cover Alice? It seems to work and has worked for Adriana, but if she is over the tired thing she is also overly stimulated. If you have a cover that can keep out all the extra stuff to look at and noises then it keeps them less likely to fight sleep. Adriana is almost 10 months and fights naps and the only way to calm her sometimes is put her in the center of a dark blanket pull the corners and sides and rock her back and forth. Strange, maybe, but I got the tip a while ago from a friend who works with kids.

  3. Yikes. No advice, just commiseration. James was just like that, and I guess Eden will be once we start strolling with her. Way to persevere!

  4. Yikes. No advice, just commiseration. James was just like that, and I guess Eden will be once we start strolling with her. Way to persevere!

  5. This too shall pass. Sometimes kids go through cycles. Maybe this is just one of those... I use to put a cover of you and try to distract you from the crying. Squeaky toy, jingly keys, when you were a bit older, I gave you a bit of water in a bottle, then from a sippy cup. Hang in there. Hopefully it's just a short term situation. xoxo

  6. I'm with Grandma Julie on this one... everything just changes and cycles again and again. As soon as I think I've got something figured out Wyatt decides to prove me wrong. It's so true that 'this too will pass'!

  7. Oh, you poor thing! That sounds horrible!

    I don't know. I have three kids and each one has been different on this issue. My first was a lot like how Alice sounds- an intense baby, not the best sleeper, and easily over-stimulated. He used to scream and scream when we put him in the carseat and did not particularly like the stroller either.

    If it's any consolation, he is still an intense kid, but so smart and he sleeps like a ROCK at night. It took about a year for him to be a solid sleeper and not fight the carseat. In the grand scheme of things, it will seem like no time at all.

    But I hope for your sanity that it passes quickly!

  8. What about using a baby carrier instead of a stroller? Much to my chagrin, my 7 week old baby will has recently decided to fight sleep at home, but will sleep if I wear him on a walk, which is often my last resort, even during this hot summer.


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