Sunday, July 1, 2012

O Canada.

Canada Day. July 2010.      

I couldn't be happier to have married into such a wonderful family.  And they all happen to be Canadian, too.  Our annual summer trip to visit my husband's family is my favorite trip of the year and I am always hopeful that we will be there for Canada Day.  This year, though, we are missing out.  We are missing out on my mother-in-law's finger jello, lots of Canadian beer, a very lively and competitive game of horseshoe (2nd place for my first Canada Day!), and catching up while relaxing in the sun.  

We'll see you in a few short weeks, Canadian family.  And our little half-Canadian can't wait to meet all of you, too.

O Canada. July 2010.     

1 comment:

  1. Cute pictures. Yes I agree, your Canadian in-laws are great! Enjoy your trip! xoxo


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