Saturday, June 30, 2012


Turkey + Neufchâtel + Lettuce + Sriracha = Lunch!    

Strava Stats:  Let me start by saying that I totally slacked this week.  I don't know what was wrong with me but I really struggled to get workouts in for some reason.  Monday = 3 miles/25 minutes.  Tuesday = Slacked!  Wednesday = Upper body weights + 40 push-ups (girl style, of course). Thursday & Friday = Slacked! (although I did walk a mile or two while schlepping Alice around on both days).  Today = 3ish miles + Summit stairs/?? minutes + 40 walking lunges & 50 crab-walk lunges.  When my alarm went off at 6AM this morning, I was not stoked to get up.  And I almost bailed.  But I decided to get up and get moving and I did not take my phone.  No music.  No Strava.  No pressure.  Just me, the morning, and the road.  And I am so glad I got out the door.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful Saturday morning run. I love the peacefulness and "me time" of it!

  2. You had a baby 3 months ago! You are doing just great! Baby is doing great! You can have a couple days off here and there. Don't beat yourself up. XOXO

  3. Some weeks exercise just doesn't happen. I haven't done anything since Thursday and am starting to feel terrible for it. We're still away but tomorrow I'm going to get stuck into the exercise anyway. Best of luck for the new week :)


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