Friday, April 1, 2011

Photo Friday. The iPhone edition.

I admit it.  I'm obsessed.  I think I have 4 or 5 camera apps on my phone already and I've had the thing for two days.  I guess deep down inside I wish I was a photographer.  So here it is.  Photo Friday.  Enjoy (I used the app called ColorSplash to tweek these photos).

(Subway station. Amsterdam.)

(Brussels, Belgium.)

(Rocks. Moab, Utah.)

  (Delicate Arch. Moab, Utah.)

 (Mt Timpanogos. Provo, Utah.)

(Little hands. Fresh summer peas. Alberta, Canada.)

(Canada Day. July 2010.)

(Cheers. Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.) 

(My little obsession.)

Oh.  A quick product review.  Remember that Kombucha I bought last week?  Well it was still sitting in my fridge, unopened and un-drunk.  I'll admit, I was apprehensive about trying the stuff.  But I opened it today.  And it's not that bad.  It sort of tastes like watered down white wine (at least the 'citrus' flavor does).  If it reaps all the health benefits that it says it does, I could see myself drinking it more often.  But I might start straining the floaties out of the bottom first.

Did you have any April Fool's jokes played on you today?  Google got me.  They had a thing called 'Google Motion.'  I clicked on it thinking it was real but soon realized it was a big ol' joke.  Good job, super-nerds.

It's Friday... any big plans for the weekend?  Nope.  Lee and I are 'grounded.'  We have a lot of little things to get done around the house and a few big things... LIKE OUR TAXES!!  We might sneak out to brunch on Sunday, though, if this winter weather dissipates

Non-Garmin stats (since I can't run due to knee pain, I'm doing other stuff): Bike trainer - 40 minutes. Yoga-ish stuff in the living room.  I caught up on some riveting programing while doing triangle pose.


  1. I love your photo Friday - always such gorgeous pictures!

    Thanks for the Kombucha review. I need to get some. Although I agree, the floaties are strange.

  2. You have the best photo Fridays! LOOOOOVE the red shoes!! I need that app. I guess I'd need that phone first-hah!

  3. Colorsplash is awesome! I love the red shoes photo. So much fun!

    As for the Kombucha, see if you can find the Katalyst Kombucha. Not as many floaties (but you'll never get away from 'em-- it's part of the fermentation process). I just shake it up and then swig it down


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