Friday, June 22, 2012

Three Months.

Totally ignoring Clifton. June 2012.

Dear Little Crank,

You are three months old today!  It is amazing to see just how much you've grown in a month's time.  You are now over thirteen and a half pounds and are getting bigger every day.  It looks like you are putting most of your effort into getting taller, though, as you are still long and lean like a string bean.  Your eyes are starting to lighten and, slowly but surely, you are getting more of that fine auburn hair on your little bald head.

You had a busy month with your first airplane ride to Utah and your first road trip to New York!  Your grandparents and great-grandparents loved smothering you with hugs and kisses.  While in Utah you surprised us with your very first laugh-out-loud moment as your Great-Grandma clapped her hands.  It was so magical to hear that little giggle come out of your mouth.  We know it is a moment that both Great-Grandma Dorothy and Mom will treasure forever (Dad was upstairs taking a nap).

Along with "Gggeeeeeh" and "Oooooo," you've also added shrieking to your arsenal of sounds.  You are most likely to shriek in delight while laying in your crib as you stare up at your mobile as it swings in the breeze.  Mommy likes to turn the fan on to really get the mobile moving, which turns you into a squealing and kicking little monster.  It's an adorable sight to see and hear.  You also love to smile but rarely are we ever able to catch it in a photo because as soon as we stick a camera in front of your face, you forget about smiling and are mesmerized by the big, black object we are holding.  Oh well.  Trust us.  Your gummy smile is adorable. 

We are happy that you are leaving that newborn stage behind and entering into that fun and (mostly) happy baby stage.  You really are a great kid.  We couldn't ask for anything more.

Mom & Dad.

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  1. Three months is a magical time! When you turned 3 months, you started sleeping on average 7 hrs per night, which gradually increased to a full night. Plus you would take good long naps during the day. It was like heaven. You were happy and I was much happier getting more sleep.

    Babies grow so fast at this age and time quickly flies by. Little Alice is learning fast too, trying to make sounds, gurgling, cooing. This is a precious time...ENJOY!

    Alice is such a beautiful and good baby. I love all of her facial expressions. I miss you three so much. Briana, you are a very creative writer, such a cute letter. Take Care. XO


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