Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fields of Gold.

 Alberta Farm Road. July 2011.      

One of my favorite things about going to Canada to visit my in-laws during the summer is seeing the beautiful canola fields that spread out across the expansive land.  Imagine a canary yellow colored field meeting a bluebird sky dotted with picture-perfect clouds.  It really is an unbelievable site.  But this year, we won't see those gorgeous golden fields on our annual Canada trip.  My in-laws told us over the weekend that the canola has bloomed and is peaking now, which means it will be long gone by the time our trip happens.

So today I am dreaming about the yellow canola fields from afar.  And hopefully next year we can be there to see them again in person.

Have you seen canola fields in bloom?  On last year's trip, I didn't yet have my Nikon DSLR.  I was so looking forward to taking pictures of those fields this year with my new camera!  Oh well.  I know there will be no shortage of things to photograph, though, as it is such a beautiful place. 

Fields of Gold. July 2011.      


  1. I have not seen them before but feel like I have now through your beautiful photos! Stunning!

  2. I haven't seen the canola fields. Your photos of them are beautiful. We really should have done a cross-country road trip while we were there, but early pregnancy & car trips does not mix well.

    Good luck for the trip. With your husband there too, Alice (and you!) should handle it ok, just remember that the crankiness can just be a bad day (or many bad days). This week Lulu's been fine with visiting, shopping centers etc. So who knows?


  3. Beautiful pictures Briana. You really are talented. xoxo


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