Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Butterfly among the Marigolds. July 2012.     

A week or so ago, I had a pretty bad attitude about my Mommy class.  Nothing happened specifically, I just wasn't feeling this class as much as my first one.  The moms are nice.  The babies are adorable.  But the vibe is different.  And, for some reason, that different made me feel unwelcome.

I didn't go to class one week because it was sweltering hot that day and, when we went the following week, I felt like an outsider.  Like I missed out on a bonding experience the previous week as all the moms seemed so close.  So, last week, I had basically written the class off.  I'm not going today, I told my husband.  When he pressed me for my reason, I didn't really have a good one.  I just had a bad attitude.

And then I remembered just how much Alice enjoys going to the classes.  She loves getting out of our apartment and riding the T into downtown.  She loves seeing the sights and feeling the breeze on her face as we walk.  She gets so excited hearing the other babies squawking and babbling during class.  And she has a great attitude towards being there.  So I chose to change my attitude for my daughter.  And, not surprisingly, I have loved going to class ever since.  We even met up with some of the moms and their babies this week for a picnic in the Public Garden.  Because I made an effort, I no longer feel like an outsider.    

So thank you, Alice, for reminding me that I always have a choice.  And sometimes that choice is as simple as a change of attitude.

    Happy baby. July 2012.       


  1. Making mommy friends, even in class, is really so tough. It takes a lot of work and I was really good about it the first year but have been more lazy lately. I can't stand that feeling of 'clickyness' too- the worste!

    We do enjoy our classes though, at this point just a time for Wyatt to socialize and ask about any big concerns. It's worth sticking with it :)

  2. So glad you took Alice to your class. You are a GREAT mother and she loves you so much. Just look at her face. It's ok to feel down now and then. Just remember how much your little one loves being with you... it doesn't even have to be in the class. Just being with you is what she wants! xoxo


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