Thursday, July 12, 2012

Spidey Senses.

Mr. Spider & Big Kitty. July 2012.    

I'm going to tell you something that you may think is a little weird.  And I am okay with that.  A week or so ago, I noticed a little spider making a home on our deck.  My first thought was to brush him off but he had already done so much work to his little web that I decided to let him hang around for a bit.  His web was off to the side and out of our way.  If I didn't bother him, I was sure he wouldn't bother me.  And hey, maybe he'll take care of some of the annoying flies buzzing about.

So now this little spider has become a part of our morning.  Alice and I get up.  Change diaper.  Make coffee.  And then we head out to the deck to see what our spider is up to.  To see if he caught anything in his spindly web.  To see if he's made any additions to his home.  To see if he is still hanging around.  I know it's only a matter of time before Mr. Spider gets picked off by a bird or takes flight with a gusty breeze.  For now, though, we are enjoying his company.

Just as long as he stays out of our way.  And outside, of course.

Do you think I'm crazy for letting a spider set up shop on our deck?  He's just a little guy.  I'm not worried.  And I've always had a soft spot for all creatures.  Yesterday, on our walk, Alice and I found a baby robin that had fallen from his nest.  He was in a prime spot to get stepped on or get eaten by a pet so I moved him just a little.  And then I gave him a teensy bit of water that had collected on a leaf.  He gobbled it right up.  But today, I will not be walking that way as I don't want to see what may have happened to him overnight.  Too sad!


  1. Oh my goodness that bird! I hope it's okay. My mom once took care of these baby robbins whose mother was killed that were in a nest on her porch. She made a porrige that I found the recipe for on line and fed them from a dropper and they actually lived. It was very emotional!

    I'm not a giant spider fan but I'm sentimental about almost everything else so I do get it :)

    xox Lilly

  2. Spiders are good, they eat other bugs. And they are ok... when they live outside. If there is a large number of spiders in your area, that means there must be a large amount of food sources for them... other bugs.

    Sorry to say, the baby robin may not survive, cause he is just too little, can't even get away from predators, let along have a steady food source.

    Have fun with your science projects. xo

  3. You're not crazy, I let spiders be, too. They stop all sorts of other bugs from entering the house and the webs are so beautiful. My teacher read us Charlotte's Web when I was 5 & I think I've had a soft spot for spiders ever since.


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