Friday, June 8, 2012

School's Out!

"Call me over the summer!" June. 2012.

Alice and I had our last day of Mommy & Me class yesterday.  I can't believe it has been eight weeks already.  Time certainly has flown.  And to think eight weeks ago I was terrified of leaving our apartment with this kid and now, two months later, we are practically pros at getting out into the world together.

Our instructor asked us what pearl of wisdom we would give a new mom starting Mommy class with their brand new baby.  Instantly I knew what I would say....

It gets better. No, really. It does. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again.  Those first few weeks were rough.  I was certain that Alice would be an only-child as I couldn't imagine going through all of that newborn and post-partum craziness again.  And now, eleven weeks later, I can see why parents decide to have another baby.  I can see how the sleepless nights and blurred days of those first few weeks fade away and all you seem to remember is that sleepy and cuddly and fresh-from-the-womb newborn.  In reality, though, you've just forgotten all the tough stuff.

Sort of like newborn amnesia.


  1. It looks like fun. Hope she enjoyed it as much as you. xo

  2. Today at the SLC downtown farmers market, I talked to a young couple with a 9 week old. I asked them how the first 0-3 weeks were. Both said it was give and take... NO sleep, etc, but they said it got better, those first few days are memorable, but unforgetable. They said they are happy they had a lot of support from family, that lived near them. That sounded just like you, your husband and little Alice's experience. IT WILL GET BETTER! xo


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