Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dreaming about...

My husband and I often talk about what we want for our future.  There is something about having a kid that just makes you think that way maybe a little more often.  About what is important.  About your views on the world.  About where you want to lay down roots.  We often daydream about where the next few years will take us.  And we have a few ideas.  Buy some land and build our dream home.  Find a house in a neighborhood we love and make it our own.  Or live in our downtown loft and buy a cabin somewhere in the mountains.  Who knows.  But one thing is for certain.

I can't wait to someday make those daydreams our reality.

What are the components of your dream home?  Tall mountains.  Thick trees.  Gurgling stream.  Modern design.  Environmentally conscious.  And in Utah.  Totally doable, right?!


  1. Great house choices! If you decide to build your dream house in the Boston area instead of Utah definately email me (, I have a lot of recommendations for you.

    I also have big dreams but I can't afford them, at least not in this area :) I just keep on dreaming!

  2. I love the view from your loft, you should live there & get a cabin in the mountains.

    I love all the houses you posted, especially the last one. I could see that on the back of our block. We're lucky enough to be deciding if we keep the house at the front of our lot & make it our dream home or whether we rent it out & build a dream home at the back. But when you mention dream, dreams maybe a shack but the beach would be nice..... Dreaming & planning is part of the fun.

  3. I like the modular home look. There are a couple of older homes in our neighborhood that were torn down recently and something very modern (like the pictures) were built in there place. Of course, people in our area thought it was out of place and not compatible with the older style of quaint homes in our neighborhood. But, I think they are very stunning and of course the newer homes are so much more "green".

    Whatever you do, REMEMBER, we want to live closer to your family.... just sayin' Love You!

  4. oh gosh, i say buy a cabin. it is just so much fun to get away for a little while and have your own little space to have your children grow up in and carry on the tradition.
    p.s. your baby is absolutely beautiful :)
    xo TJ


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