Tuesday, June 26, 2012


 Alice & Grandpa playing in the mirror.

I always feel sort of sad after visitors leave.  After a fun-filled weekend of conversation and laughter, our apartment just feels empty.  And quiet.  Quiet except for Alice, of course.  I think that I so look forward to having guests in town that, when they leave, I feel a bit lonely.  Like now I need something else to anticipate.  Something else to look forward to.

So to help squash those lonesome feelings, Alice and I are having lunch with another first-time mom and her adorable baby boy this afternoon.  A delicious lunch, some mommy talk and an afternoon beer will certainly help me feel better.

And then I can start looking forward to and anticipating my sister coming to visit in just a few short weeks!

Alice and I can hardly wait.

 Grandpa teaching Alice about golf. June 2012.    


  1. Cute picture of Alice and Grandpa Glen. He is looking more like his dad (Greatgrandpa Glen). Hope Alice had a great time getting to know her name sake. There is always a bit of a let down after visitors leave. Especially since you live on the east coast and they live on the west coast. Maybe sometime in your future, you will get a chance to move closer to family. xoxo

  2. YEAH!!! KPT is coming to visit!! Alice is adorable, and I love when you put up pictures of her!! I hope you end up staying in Boston for a while... we are looking at Portland Maine and would be SO close to you guys!!

  3. I agree. It took several weeks for me to adjust after saying goodbye to my friends and family in the united states.

    I keep begging people to visit me! The cost is a bit prohibitive, though.

    I hope you had fun on your mommy-date! :)


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