Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pacify Me.

Resisting nap time. June 2012.

It's so funny to look back at those early days of Alice's life knowing what we know now.  How we said what we were and were not going to do as new parents.  How we planned to calm and pacifiy our new baby.  How things that just seemed so important before she arrived and have now totally fallen by the wayside.  For instance, I remember my husband and I being pretty adamant about not using a pacifier for Alice, at least for the first few weeks.  You know, for fear of nipple confusion or difficulty latching or ultimately creating a habit that would be difficult to break.

And then fast-forward to the 24-hours after Alice was born.

After the blissful sleepy-and-in-awe newborn state dissipated, we had a hungry and uncertain and screaming baby in our arms.  We stuck to our guns for the first two days of Alice's life, forgoing the offered pacifier from the nurses who could see the new parent determination behind our overly tired eyes.  Then, at 3AM, after Lee's pinky finger had been withered into a prune from Alice's sucking and with my nipples in need of a break from her little mouth, we caved and begged for one of those rubber miracle workers.

And then Alice slept.  And we slept.  And everyone was happy.    

And now, at three months, Alice still uses a pacifier but only to help her fall asleep for naps.  Have we created a monster by giving her a pacifier?  Who knows.  And honestly, who cares.  I used a pacifier as a baby.  My sisters and brother did, too.  And guess what?  We are all fine.  No lasting damage.

For the most part, anyway.

Alice's new favorite toy. June 2012.


  1. Yes. Amen. We went through this same thing with .james, thinking we would never use one and then feeling kind of guilty when we caved. As soon as he could reliably find his thumb, he gave up on the paci himself.
    This time around, I WISH she would take one, but no luck.

  2. Oh the joys of the Nuk pacifier. I used the Nuk for both you and your sister. You didn't get too attached, you gave it up around 12-14 months or so. On the other hand, your little sister kept it for 18-24 months. Not too bad, when I see kids today that are 3 or 4 yrs old and still sucking on one. I tried to keep you away from sucking your thumb. I heard it was harder to break that habit.

    Just wait till teething starts. Looks like Alice likes the rings. That may be your go to chew toy.

    Remember, nothing you do is WRONG... just do what works for you and your little one. xoxo

  3. Everything I read said no paci for 6 weeks or they will feel satiated and not want to breastfeed.

    At about the three week mark, I was in tears at 3am putting it in his mouth. And of course..he would not take it! He just gagged and gagged.

    Thankfully he took his thumb eventually, but sometimes I really wish he would have taken the pacifier.


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