Friday, May 11, 2012

It's Friday!

 Alice has Mommy's elf ears. No doubt.

We are preparing for my husband's return from China today.  Baking these awesome cookies.  Making these delicious meatballs.  And cleaning house so that we can enjoy a nice weekend together with no chores.  I swear Alice has grown like a weed in the few days that my husband has been away.  She seems so much more alert and sociable and tolerant (hallelujah!!).  I am excited to see if Lee thinks so, too.

We talked a little about this yesterday in my Mommy class.  What are your thoughts on birth control after pregnancy?  Any experience with the Rhythm Method?  Sorry, TMI.  I really don't want to take The (dreaded) Pill.  But is the Rhythm Method synonymous with ooooops-we're-pregnant-again?!

Garmin stats:  4 miles/32 minutes (8 min/mile!!) and 40 walking lunges + 40 crab-walk lunges.  No stroller.  No baby!  Alice stayed home with Grama Barb.  My first time running post-pregnancy without baby in me or in front of me! 


  1. I'd be careful with the rhythm method, our friends who use that method have 6 children!! Congrats on solo exercising :)

  2. I love the little bit of drool... so cute. How is she doing with her tummy time? Looks like she is really good with holding up her head!

    So glad you have Grama Barb with you, so you can get out and run! I'm sure she is enjoying her time alone with Alice too! xoxo

  3. NFP is pretty effective if you follow all the rules.

    I got Mirena - not sure on number two or not.

    Alice is looking so strong!

  4. We used NFP to have our first baby, and were going to use it for birth control after her, but we never got the chance since my 2nd baby was conceived on my 2nd period after my daughter was born. The first was so light that I wasn't sure if it was one.

    Now we are using an IUD since we have 2 only 20 months apart and they can stay in for up to 5 years so I have a lot of time to make up my mind if a third is in our future.

    But that's just us. :)

  5. I have Mirena and love it. No pill, no period and only local hormones. I love it.

    Also I'm totally insanely impressed and equal parts jealous of how fast your run was! I didn't just have a baby and 8 minutes miles are so far away from where I am right now. Glad you had a good run! :)


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