Thursday, April 19, 2012

We did it.

Alice amidst an evening meltdown.

Alice and I successfully made it to and from our Mommy & Me class on the T with no problems!  And now I feel so much more confident like Hey. This ain't no thang with taking Alice in a stroller on the T.  And thank you for your suggestions about using a baby carrier instead of the stroller.  I thought about taking her in a carrier but I didn't want to use the Moby and arrive at my class a sweaty mess from being layered in all that fabric and Alice is still a little too tiny for the Belle baby carrier so stroller it was.  And it all worked out great.  My confidence has been boosted.

And this Mommy & Me class is going to be amazing.  I already feel less insane having spent two hours talking with other moms with newborns about what they are going through.  But I'll talk more about it tomorrow as Alice is toying with the idea of reintroducing the witching hour tonight.  Not gonna happen, sweetheart!!


  1. I'm glad what everything went all right and you are enjoying the class!

  2. YEAH!!!! I FINALLY read your whole blog from the last 3 weeks! Bri, I just pray you can forgive me. I have thought about you EVERY DAY since the text you sent! I LOVED the birth story. I can feel the strong love you have for your daughter. I am so proud of you for being determined to breast feed. It is an amazing feeling just thinking about you as a new mom and all the wonderful ways Alice is going to forever change your life. I am just so happy for you and would love to call and chat soon. Is that ok? I would much rather talk on the phone than write. I love you. She is beautiful.


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