Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hi Dad!

Hi Dad!

How's China?  It has been raining here every day since you left.  Mom and Grama have been drinking a lot of coffee to pass the time.  Thanks for bringing Grama out to stay with Mom while you are gone.  She has been a big help.

I sure can't wait to see you tomorrow.  Will you bring me something that was made in China?  Oh wait.  Never mind.  We already have a bunch of that junk.  And Mom likes stuff made in America anyway.  Just come home soon, okay?

I love you, Dad!



  1. OMG... She is SO SO adorable!! I love that she is leaving the newborn look at is starting to ... fill out! Keep putting up the pictures... I do LOVE them!!

  2. She looks darling sitting with Grama Barb having coffee! Can't believe how fast she is growing up. Hold on to those newborn baby moments, soon she will be crawling and rolling over.... then off to college. xoxo


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