Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Flower Girl.

Alice & Peonies. May 2012.

I couldn't resist buying these flowers yesterday.  When I walked into the store and saw them, I instantly smiled.  When I was little... like 4 years old... I remember having a peony bush in our backyard.  All of those colorful petals were such a draw to my little girl eyes.  Today I am showing Alice peonies for the first time.  And maybe she is making an imprint somewhere in her little mind and when she is my age and sees those beautiful pink blossoms, she'll instantly smile.  Just like I did yesterday.  

What are some things that instantly remind you of childhood?  Otter Pops.  Care Bears.  Lilac bushes.  Pop Tarts.  Slip N' Slide.  Jelly shoes.  Tire swings.  Garbage Pail Kids.  The smell of a tomato plant.     

Do you say pee-OOOH-nee or PEEE-oh-NEE?  I can't seem to decide which way I say it...     

Non-Garmin stats:  It's still raining here so no running for me the last few days.  I did an awesome Nike Training Club last night, though, after Alice went to bed.  Ab Burner and Shoulder Ripper.  It was a great way to end the day.  Today?  Pure Barre, baby!  The DVD promises results in 10 sessions.  I believe it.  That sh*t is tough!

**And check out the Spring Photo Challenge over at these awesome blogs.  I have learned so many photography tips from those amazing women!** 

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  1. Yes I love Peonies too. I think you can pronounce them either way. Singular Peony (pee-O-nee) or plural (pea-A-knees). I still call them (pee-0-knees). Who cares? They are beautiful, no matter how you pronounce it.

    I love the way Alice is looking at Barb, so precious! It's so much fun to see her starting to interact with facial expressions. Is she starting to "coo" and "talk"? She is beautiful and I do miss her sooo... much. xoxo


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