Monday, May 7, 2012

Breastfeeding & Baseball.

On Saturday we took my in-laws to a Red Sox game.  I was pretty apprehensive about joining them with Alice after the day we had on Friday but I thought What the hell? and off we went.  We took Alice in the baby carrier and jumped on the T to Fenway.  And Alice did amazing for the entire game.  She made it all nine innings!  Of course I had to breastfeed her while we were there and I took the advice of fellow blogger Lauren and breastfed her while she was in the baby carrier and the people sitting around us were none the wiser.  Alice ate.  I ate my Fenway Frank and drank a beer.  And everyone was happy.  Everyone but the Red Sox who lost against the Baltimore Orioles.  Oh well.   

Non-Garmin stats:  You guys.  That Pure Barre DVD is no joke.  I did it this morning and I couldn't do some of the exercises because my legs/abs/hip/butt muscles were burning so good.  You know I love to feel the burn.  That DVD is definitely a keeper. 

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