Wednesday, April 18, 2012


 Alice enjoying her first bath.

We seem to have overcome the three week growth spurt or whatever those evening meltdowns were because Alice was an absolute angel last night.  I am sure my husband is reading this and shaking his head like You're going to jinx us!  Now she'll be an absolute terror tonight!  And maybe he's right.  But I had to give credit to this little gal for being so good and so happy and so tolerable during the 6PM to 8PM witching hour where she had previously been screaming her little lungs out.  Who knows what we did differently.  I like to think we sort of outsmarted her and beat her to the punch on things like changing her diaper quickly before she freaks out or feeding her immediately when we see her start to gobble on her hands rather than letting a short five minutes pass which is more than enough time for her to escalate to meltdown status.  Whatever we did, I'd like to repeat it again tonight.  I mean, my husband and I actually got to eat dinner together last night rather than in shifts like we have been doing since she was born.  Miraculous!  

And tomorrow Alice and I will be venturing on the T into downtown Boston for our first Mommy & Me class.  Excited!  Nervous.  And I am hoping Alice doesn't have a meltdown as we take the T for the first time.  Because breastfeeding in public on a moving train just doesn't seem all that appealing.

Any tips for taking public transit with a stroller AND a newborn?  Before we leave the house I'm going to breastfeed the hell outta this kid to ensure she isn't even remotely hungry while we're on the T.  And here's to hoping there is a stroller-accessible train car and an elevator at our stop so that I don't have to schlep her and the stroller up and down the stairs! 


  1. Good luck heading out on the train! I never did public transit with a stroller when the bambino was small- we preferred carriers, but that's just me. Have fun at Mommy and Me class!

  2. I agree- could you leave the stroller at home and just do the carrier and a small bag? I swear, it makes things easier. I used to breastfeed my babies while they were in the carrier with a nursing cover over and no one was the wiser. You can walk around, go shopping, take public transit, anything! And people just assume the baby is sleeping instead of nursing.

    Either way, hope you have a great time!


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