Tuesday, April 3, 2012

the Witching Hour.

We have a special visitor coming today.  My mom will be here for a few days and then my step-dad will join us on the weekend.  Before Alice arrived, I was really looking forward to a few weeks with just the three of us.  My husband, Alice, and me.  Getting to know each other.  Learning what works for us.  Finding a routine.  And now that Lee has gone back to work, I am so grateful to have my mom here to help out.  Not that I didn't expect this, but newborns are a lot of work!  It will be so nice to have an extra set of hands when Alice is having her evening meltdown and Lee and I are trying to shovel dinner into our mouths.  It'll also be nice to have my mom around to help Alice and I venture out of the house to run errands and maybe even ride the T!  The planning alone for an outing like that is still a bit mind-boggling.

Any tips for venturing out of the house for longer than an hour?  How about tips for breastfeeding in public?  We're trying to make it to 4 weeks before introducing a bottle (breast milk) so feeding Alice while out and about seems a little daunting.  I'll take any advice I can get.

Did your baby experience the witching hour and have evening meltdowns?  Alice likes to exercise her lungs off and on from about 6PM till 8PM.  She doesn't cry the entire time but she sure is extra cranky during those few hours!


  1. Meeting my beautiful granddaughter in person for the first time today was an experience I will cherish forever. My heart is soaring with love for her, my beautiful daughter and her wonderful husband. She is more beautiful in person than in her pictures. I am in love! xoxo

  2. Lulu experiences the witching hour or two! She's calming down quicker now, sometimes even asleep by 8pm which means we can both eat dinner together - magic. But yep, cranky from around 5:30 or so until she passes out. Mothers in my baby group also experience this too.

    I start leaving the house (packing the car etc) half an hour before we have to be anywhere so we can arrive on time. This in a town where the longest it takes to drive anywhere is 10mins! There is so much to remember to pack. But at the end of the day remember you can always pop into the store if you forgot to pack wipes or run out of diapers!

    Enjoy having your mum around, it's always great to have an extra set of hands, newborns are so much work :)

  3. It is so hard those first few weeks! I struggled especially with breastfeeding in public with my son. Now that I'm days away from meeting my daughter, I have decided that I simply do not care who sees my boob if she's hungry. It was a mental shift that I had to make, because I remember that with my son, me being a little uncomfortable or self-conscious affected him and made him fussy at the breast, thus making public breastfeeding worse. I will carry a pashmina or large swaddling blanket to cover up a little, but other than that, it's my child's lunch, so who cares?
    I'm glad you're getting some help for a few days. It is amazing how much work such a tiny human can make!

  4. Have you read "happiest baby on the block"? It has some great tips. Do you wear her around the house? That can help to.

    Enjoy the time with your Mom. Mine was so helpful the when she was here.

    As for BF, just travel with a blanket. I never bought/got a nursing cover, but if you have one, great, use that. I NIP all the time now. Although, I am more comfy over here. Noone even looks my way. Have fun!

    my LC said at least 6 weeks for a bottle so you have a good supply established, just a thought. Although Nolan has had like..two bottles in his life. ha.


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