Sunday, April 29, 2012

Total Baby.

Alice & her cluster-feed evening schedule.

It's no surprise that I have found an app for tracking Alice's daily baby activities.  I figured rather than having 4 apps like I did to track my pregnancy, one baby app should suffice.  Why am I tracking Alice's daily poops, pees, sleeps and feeding schedule?  Because my brain has basically exited my body since Alice was born and, without this little app, I'd have no idea when she ate last or if she's going #1 and #2 in normal amounts or what the hell day of the week it happens to be.  Enter Total Baby.  It is a pretty snazzy user-friendly app that keeps track of all the important daily baby activities that neurotic moms like me want to obsess over.  Not just the number of diapers a day, no!  It keeps track of the actual content of those diapers!  It is also great for reminding me which side I last fed Alice on and when she had her last snooze and how long it has been since she's had a bath (no really, it is hard to remember that stuff).  Basically it is keeping my sleep-deprived self on track so that I can make sure this baby stays happy and healthy.  The question now becomes.... when do I STOP keeping track of all this stuff?  I'll admit.  I am sort of addicted now.   

What is the most ridiculous (or non-ridiculous) app you have that you use all the time and can't imagine your life without?  This app isn't ridiculous AT ALL to a new (and neurotic!) mom like me.  I am sure any non-moms reading this will be like This chick is obsessed and, you are right.  I am! 


  1. ohhh super cool!! i've heard about this app...definitely gonna get it!

  2. It is a very cool app! I know how hard it is to keep track of those little details when you don't have enough sleep. I don't think you are obsessed, you are just being a good Mom!!! I wish I had that app when my son was born. I used to write everything!

  3. Ditto to writing everything down. NO apps/computers were around when you were a baby. I used to keep a notebook next to my bed to write down feeding times. I didn't keep track of diaper changes, only that I had to wash a lot of diapers.

    I wrote in a calendar your first year. I wrote about where I took you, who visited, events, changes in your looks, ie cubbie legs, 1st words or partial words you started saying, rolling over, sitting up, almost everything happening to you was written on the date in the calendar. It was fun to look back on those times as you got older. With new technology, apps and your blog, it seems like you are doing this already. Enjoy every momment! Alice is beautiful! xoxo


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