Sunday, March 11, 2012

Personal Questions.

Last night we went on a date.  As I was finishing up getting ready, I turned sideways to check myself out in the mirror and I started to laugh.  Like hysterically laugh at the gargantuan size of my belly.  It really is comical at this point.  My husband heard me and came in to see what was so funny.  He started to laugh, too. 

We took the T to a bustling little place with great food and a lively atmosphere for a few drinks and appetizers.  Lee had a Rye Mash.  I had some fruity thing the bartender made especially for a woman in my condition.  And we shared awesome small plates.  While we ate, a nice Irish couple sitting next to us at the bar struck up a conversation.  And then the woman, after asking the usual questions (due date, gender, name) asked... So are you going to breastfeed?  I think I was so shocked that she would ask this personal question to a complete stranger while sipping on her Guinness that I just said... Yep!  I am going to try my best!  And luckily her next question wasn't about the current condition of my cervix.


  1. Get used to random people asking inappropriate things. A baby seems to be a green light for strangers to start talking to you. Luckily I haven't had a stranger ask me about breastfeeding, but I did get a lot of disapproving looks and lectures from midwives once we switched to bottle feeding, even when they knew it was breastmilk in the bottle! Apparently we'll never bond properly - load of bollocks! My post on breastfeeding is up :)

  2. Oh dear! That is one good thing about living overseas while pregnant - Germans would never ask that!

  3. Oh my! For some reason people feel free to ask pregnant woman anything! Seriously! LOVE the belly!

  4. You still look beautiful and adorable, even though I know how uncomfortable you probably are! And yes, I agree, people will ask pregnant women the most ridiculous, personal questions. Hang in there, you are getting closer!


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