Friday, March 9, 2012

from Beginning to End (almost).

I have been feeling sort of badly for myself the last day or so.  You know, earlier in the week, I felt like the wee-one was going to come at any time!  I was energized!  I was ready!  And now, time seems to be at a crawl and... I feel like I will be pregnant forever.  I know, I know.  I still have a week to go till my due date.  A week seems so far away!  And so many people I know delivered before their due dates recently (first-time moms) and I just thought I'd be one of them, too.  But now I am coming to terms with the fact that I really could be pregnant for another 7 days and possibly longer.  But that's okay.  After making this collage this morning, I realize just how far I have come in this journey of growing a wee-one so what's a few more days?  It is pretty amazing to look back and see the progression of my growing belly (I was so skinny!) and to think she could be here any day now.  Any minute, really.  So I am just trying to relax (so hard for me).  Slow down.  Take deep breaths.  Enjoy the quiet.  And dream about her cute little wee-face.

Any tips to help bring on labor?  Honestly... I've googled everything under the sun and I've come to realize that there isn't much I can do.  This wee-one will come out when she's good and ready.


  1. i love that collage. it'll be a nice thing to show your daughter one day.

    fingers crossed that you go early! although most of my friends went late with their first :( hang in there. it's worth the wait!

  2. You look amazing! It blows my mind how fast it all happens - 10ish months is a long time, but isn't it just nuts that an entire little human can be created and that you can grow fast enough to accommodate that in less than a years time? Nuts!
    I can see how it might seem like time has stopped - obviously I haven't been in your shoes, but do you ever wonder or think you might miss being pregnant?

    I say enjoy all the special mom-treatment you can before your little lady makes her grand appearance :)

  3. I think I've told you before, but go bowling. It worked like a charm for me.

  4. With my first, I tried jumping jacks, spicy food, etc. My water broke walking the dog. Go figure!
    You look great, and pretty soon you'll be holding that baby.

  5. beautiful photos, and - wow.
    ...yes, you are right, she`ll come when she`s ready. having seen the "any-time-now" phase many times, rasberry leaf tea seems to get things going, that or a good ****.
    enjoy the adventure !!

  6. I did the following:

    -sex (made me a bit crampy but that is all)
    -drank raspberry leaf tea (yum but no go)
    -took evening primrose oil both orally and vaginally
    (I do think this helped to soften the cervix)
    -walked (just added to back pain)
    -bounced on birth ball every night (helped back)

    I would give EPO a try. Not sure if that is what worked
    But it cant hurt. And decline the internal. It just made
    Me anxious.

  7. Sorry, I tried it all and nothing worked. Some babies will not come until they are ready. My second was even head down from 32 weeks on, but both of mine were late. My 1st was 10 days late, and my 2nd 7. Both didn't come until my doctor was scheduling my induction, and then they come out voluntarily.

  8. I remember the wait seeming FOREVER with my second child. I walked, ran, drank certain teas, nipple stimulation (yes, this is one way), sex, but she just came on her own time. Good luck. You're so stinking beautiful!!

  9. Great pictures documenting your belly growth. YOUR little girl is JUST like YOU! A bit stubborn and head strong. Trying to coax her out will just make her want to stay longer. Just like you, she will arrive when she wants to.

    I love you and wish you the best for the last few days before she makes her appearance. XOXO Mom

  10. Love the collage!!! I can't wait until next week (or just after) to finally see pictures of your little one. Maybe she'll come on the 19th (my birthday)- it's a pretty great day! Hang in there, you're almost there!

  11. AHHHH GIRL!!! You look incredible. I am so happy for you! You really look beautiful!! I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!


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