Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cold outside. Warm inside.

The cold wind has returned to Boston.  With temperatures in the 60's earlier this week, I thought Mother Nature had forgotten that it's actually December.  But no such luck.  Today she reminded me that she is well aware of the approaching winter season.   She gave us a blustery and cold wind that stung the face and made the eyes tear.  But she made it sunny.  Thanks for that.

Obviously the foliage hasn't gotten the memo, though.  I found these purple flowers happily soaking up the December rays, tucked safely against a brick wall, away from the whipping wind.  These poor little guys will have a rude awakening tonight if the weatherman's predictions of snow come true.  Good luck, little guys.

This afternoon I am creating my own little in-home spa.  Bathroom heater.  Steam facial.  Luminizing Black Mask.  Deep conditioning hair treatment.  Body scrub and shaved legs (although they are hard to reach these days).  A day of pampering inside when it's cold outside.  Sounds perfect.

Do your worst, Mother Nature. 

Is it wintery where you live?  Today is the first day it has actually felt cold.  I know what Boston is capable of, though, when it comes to winter weather so I should really just bite my tongue and enjoy the temperatures in the 40's.  In a month from now we could be well into the single digits.  And don't forget about the wind chill.  Oh how I hate wind chill.

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