Thursday, December 9, 2010

An disguise for bank robbers...

Before Lee and I went to dinner last night, I did a little 'at-home' spa treatment.  Since I turned 30, I have been obsessed more aware of taking care of my skin.  While at Sephora yesterday I found this craaaaazy looking 'luminizing black mask' by Boscia that claims to 'boost skin clarity and radiance by removing dirt and impurities from pores, revealing a smoother, brighter, complexion.'  Sounds great.  SIGN ME UP!  When they say 'black mask' they reeeeally mean a 'black mask.'  The stuff comes out of the tube like tar and you rub it all over your face (avoiding the hairline... which I wasn't so careful with... more on that in a minute) and then you wait for 15-20 minutes while it dries.  Wow.  It felt like I had plastic wrap on my face and that it was slowly shrinking as the mask dried.  By the time it was dry, I couldn't smile, frown, or open my mouth because the thing was so tight.  Now on to my favorite part... and all you scab pickers out there, this mask is for you!  You start at the corners and begin gently pulling off the mask... which feels a bit like pulling off the first layer of your skin (I'm of the mind-set that if it doesn't sting/burn/or hurt your skin that it isn't working).  After about 5 minutes of gently pulling and almost taking off my right eyebrow (hence the reason they say to avoid the hairline) I was mask free and red as a beet!

After my skin had calmed down and it didn't look like I'd been slapped a bunch of times, I put my make-up on and I was SO HAPPY with the results!  My skin DID look smoother and brighter and more radiant!  SCORE! 

Lee and I returned our rental car last night and decided to have dinner in the city afterwards.  Dinner was awesome.  It was RIDICULOUSLY cold walking around Boston last night and we both decided we need to invest in warmer coats.  The wind chill around here is no joke.

Woke up this morning and went on a run down by the Charles River.  It was beautiful but eff-ing freezing as per usual around here.  The temperature this morning was 25 degrees with a wind chill making it FEEL LIKE 12 DEGREES!  Yeeeowza, that's cold.  I ran from my house all the way down Comm Ave to the end of the path on the Charles and then I turned around and got on a train in Kenmore Square and rode it home (it's ALL uphill from Boston University... I'm smart!)  Now I'm off to SLC for the weekend and then I fly back Sunday with my two fur-balls of love!  Won't that be an adventure!

(I think there is frost on my peach fuzz!)

Garmin stats: 8.45 miles/1hr 9min. Charles River. Fuh-reezing.

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