Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Double digits.

180 days down, 100 days to go.  100!!  I can't believe it.  Tomorrow we will be in double (not triple!) digits for number of days until the arrival of our bundle of joy.  100 days seems manageable.  I feel like we're entering the homestretch.  I should make a paper chain to count down the days. 

I will write more about this in a later post but we've started to buy a few essentials for our wee-one such as a crib and a dresser!  I'm sure once they arrive and are set up in her room it'll feel that much more real. 

In other news, that means I have 100 more days of heartburn.  And a burgeoning belly.  And backaches.  And feeling off-balance and clumsy.  It'll all be worth it, though!

Did you have heartburn when you were pregnant?  Oh man.  I do.  But it's at weird times with weird foods.  Like the last 3 nights of work I got heartburn every night around 2AM.  And I got it after eating a banana!  WTF?  Tums, to the rescue!


  1. Heartburn! Yes, I had it. Eerything caused it-- water, fruit, AIR! :-) Tums were my BFF!

  2. Rumor has it, heartburn=tons of hair on baby!! I know it is only a rumor, but man did I have heartburn my entire pregnancy x2!!, and BOTH my kids had tons of hair! Good luck... nothing ever helps, however, working nights always made me sicker than a dog so if heartburn is all you get, thank the stars!

  3. I actually realized I was pregnant with James when I had heartburn again, because unless I'm preggo-I NEVER have it. But, I've had it through all three pregnancies. The moment they pop out it goes away. It's the weirdest thing! It was bad, too! I'd get it after eating ANYTHING!


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