Saturday, October 1, 2011

Year two.

It is our two year anniversary in a few days.  We are celebrating tonight with a delicious meal at home.  Lee is preparing a restaurant-worthy dinner that I just can't wait to enjoy.

While out on a run this afternoon I spotted these two swans gracefully swimming together.  As one got further away, the other quickly followed.  One always staying close to the other.  And they swam together in perfect harmony.  Just the two of them.  It was beautiful.

Did you know swans mate for life?  I remember learning that as a kid and I remember thinking how romantic that was.  Two wild birds committing themselves to each other for life.  Just like Lee and me.  Through thick and thin.  Through ups and downs.  Through good times and bad.  Through it all.

I love you so much, Lee.  Here's to the rest of our lives together, swimming in perfect harmony. 


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