Saturday, October 1, 2011


So I've been having the most emotional dreams lately.  Seriously.  Like those dreams where you wake up totally upset or anxious or like you've been crying your eyes out for hours.  It is so disturbing!  Yesterday, I had two horrible dreams (interrupted by a bathroom break).  In the first, I was fighting and screaming with a bunch of random people (some of whom I haven't seen in years) and then the second was a sad one about me and Lee (the details are just too sad to repeat).  Maybe it's the sleeping-in-the-day-post-night-shift.  Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones.  Whatever it is, it SUCKS!  Bring on the wacky baby dreams where my kid all of a sudden turns into a baby horse and gallops off!  Enough with the emotionally draining dreams already.  Sheesh.

Do you ever have emotionally draining dreams (whether pregnant or not) where you wake up stressed or sad or anxious about what you dreamed about?  Before I was pregnant, I rarely had them.  Now?  It's like all of my worst fears and anxieties and crazy emotions are coming out in my dreams!  WTF?


  1. Aw man! Go away, dream! They're more like nightmares! I rarely ever remember my dreams so I can't say I wake up very stressed! Hope they go away for you soon.

  2. Ahhh girl, sorry to hear about the bad dreams. I don't have bad dreams often unless I'm feeling anxious about something or stressing. I had one the other husband fell in love with someone was awful!!! I was so sad. Come to think of it, I had another one the other night that was so scary...a haunted house or something. Weird. What is up with the dreams??!

  3. Yep..have definitely had emotionally draining dreams (mares). They aren't very awesome. Wishing you happier dreams for the next time you slumber! :)


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