Sunday, October 2, 2011

Adventure Sunday: Cyclo-Cross.

It's been awhile since we've had an 'Adventure Sunday.'  This morning, we woke up early and drove 45 minutes North to watch the Grand Prix of Gloucester Cyclo-Cross race.  Not familiar with cyclo-cross racing?  Me neither but it looks fun!  Imagine riding something similar to a road bike (just with knobbier tires) and riding up and down dirt hills, through grass, over rocks and tree roots, jumping over barriers and running up stairs all while being timed and racing other people.  That's cyclo-cross racing!  Seriously.  When I'm done being pregnant and am back in shape, I am totally getting into these.  There were races for men, women and KIDS.  You should've seen these kids rallying on that course.  It was awesome.  Our kid is totally going to do that (I hope).

I think Lee has found his new sport.  Luckily the racing scene is big out here in New England with lots of weekend training rides and races.  And Lee already owns a cross bike and is an awesome technical mountain bike rider so I think he'll be a natural at cyclo-cross racing.  Can you imagine?  Family weekends where each of us gets all muddy and scraped up and races against other weekend warriors?  Sounds perfect!

Have you heard of cyclo-cross?  Know anyone who does it?  Sound fun or just absurd to you?  I've heard a lot about it but this was my first time actually seeing it in action.  What a fun sport!

What was the highlight of your weekend?  Definitely this.  And last night's delicious anniversary dinner (that included a sip or two of dessert wine).

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  1. I LOVE the bottom pic of the two of you! I think Ryan would love cyclo-cross. He's been thinking about doing some type of biking for sport. I don't think distances will be his thing...he likes to get dirty!


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