Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Get it together.

This is the Providence, RI, State House.  A gorgeous building on a small hill in the quiet downtown capital.  I believe there was some sort of demonstration happening on the grounds that day.  It might have been an 'Occupy Wall Street' protest or it could have been a spill-over from the pink-filled celebration of breast cancer survivors taking place across the street.  Who knows.  

I read a disturbing article a few days ago in the Salt Lake Tribune (I still read my local paper online).  It said that the lowest percentage of voter turnout in the last few elections has been in the 18 to 24 year old age group.  Something like 12% of voters that age in Utah actually put forth the effort to vote in the last election (and only 32% of people eligible to vote did so... making Utah the 2nd-lowest voter turnout in the nation).  So sad.  I am all for expressing your freedom of speech with the Occupy Wall Street movement and I agree that something needs to change in the way Americans are taxed and how our government deals with the economic crisis happening in this country but don't you think a better solution would be getting your peers to vote for people that can actually work together and implement change in the way that will benefit the people living in this country?  It is so pathetic to watch the news lately and see these grown men and women that we elected to be our voice who seem to have no interest in working with 'the other side' or to make compromises in order to get anything done in this country.  I swear, they act like spoiled children.  The "He's not on my team so I'm not going to work with him" mentality is obnoxious, annoying, and it isn't helping my mom or my step-brother or any of the other millions of Americans who are out of work and are without health insurance.  

Get it together (elected officials).  Go out and vote (everyone).  Or I'm moving to Canada (especially if one of those mud-slinging dweebs wins).   


  1. I'm always surprised when I find out how many people don't vote. So many of my friends, peers and co-workers don't vote and the most common excuse I hear is, "why should I vote, it doesn't make a difference?" Why would people think this? If we all voted, it would make a huge difference! I know in Utah there's a majority of people here who are conservative and vote conservatively so it appears voting for a different p.o.v doesn't count but if you look at SL county and our local officials it's definitley changed over the years. I'm proud to say I've voted in every election (local and national)!

  2. I shouldn't be surprised by now that my candidate doesn't even show up under the winners or losers category. :)


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