Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Morning gift.

There is one wonderful benefit of waking up at 5:20 AM.  Beautiful sunrises!  And this morning's sunrise was unbelievable.  I take the Red Line train into work and as the train comes out of the tunnel and crosses the Longfellow Bridge, I get a glimpse of the morning light spilling across the Charles River.  And today the sunrise was colored with splashes of brilliant pink, red, and purple.  I wish I could've asked the conductor to stop the train just for a second so that I could take a picture.  Instead, I had to settle with a photo of a sliver of sunrise creeping across Cambridge Street as I walked into work at MGH.  This morning's sunrise made dealing with the usual drunks in the E.R. that much more tolerable.   

Do you ever get up early just to watch the sunrise?  Not lately.  But I'd like to get up early so that I can photograph the epic sunrises that I see on the Charles.  They truly are spectacular.


  1. Ahhh, I NEVER regret getting up early once I do and it usually makes it soooo worth it when I get to catch the sunrise....this is something I Loved about working. But now I rarely get to see this! Beautiful gift!

  2. Love it! :)

    I don't know how you handle drunk people.....

  3. you are bringing back memories!

    I commuted from Somerville to
    50 Staniford St from 01-04.

    I loved as the Red line came over the longfellow bridge and I could see the sun coming up. It always made the commute worth it (on the days it was actually nice!).


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