Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday shopping.

Today a friend and I ventured to Providence, Rhode Island, for a shopping trip!  Why Rhode Island?  Just for fun.  Plus there is a Nordstrom right by the train station in downtown Providence.  I'm sure there is a Nordstrom closer in the 'burbs of Boston but who wants to go to the 'burbs to shop?  Not this girl.  So we took a quick one-hour train ride to the quaint capital of the smallest state in the nation. 

What gorgeous weather we had!  And great conversation.  Plus a wonderful brunch (with some of the best eggs benedict I've ever had).  Oh, and the shopping!  That Nordstrom cosmetics department, with it's soft lighting and beautiful makeup displays, just screams for me to buy something.  So I did.  The NARS highlighting blush duo in Hungry Heart is a welcome addition to my makeup bag (and I may or may not have bought a Nixon watch in rose gold, which you can see in the mirror of the compact.  Love!). 

What is your go-to makeup line?  I love NARS for blush and eye shadow, Laura Mercier for tinted moisturizer, and the drugstore for mascara and lipstick.  Oh, and these things for skincare.  No joke.  They will change your life!

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