Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday thoughts.

We've I've been lazing around the last couple of days.  It was just what I needed after my 5 out of 6 nights of working.  We have some fun plans for tomorrow with some fun people.  And then?  And then my BFF J-Woww and her brother are coming to Boston for a quick visit.  Can't wait.

Happy weekend, everyone!

What are your thoughts about the debt ceiling debacle and the lowering of the U.S.'s credit rating?  Honestly, with the way our Congress and Senate have been acting, I think we deserve the rating decrease.  All I know is this.... this 'not-working-together-because-you're-a-Democrat/Republican' has got to stop.  Grow up, you guys.  It's embarrassing.  Just work together.  GET STUFF DONE!  Stop the pandering.  Fareed Zakaria said it best...

"The reason I say it's un-American is because the American system - unlike European parliamentary systems - is built on shared powers and overlapping authority. No one is entirely in control in America.

There's the president, there's the Senate, there's the House of Representatives, the state governments. And the founding fathers designed it that way because they wanted there to be an effort to create policies through compromise, through consensus.

So if you take the position that it's your way or the highway, that you will literally not give an inch, what you're doing is really against the spirit of the American republic - against the spirit of what the founding fathers wanted."
Non-Garmin stats:  Yesterday? Walk around the reservoir + TRX (I'm sore).  Today? Easy 4 mile run around the reservoir.  That is my go-to place these days.


  1. Sorry, I don't know anything about what's going on in the US so I can't really give you any thoughts! But way to be lazy...we all deserve a break sometimes! Have a great time with your guests this weekend :)

  2. See...since I am the epitome of walking the center line I ABHOR when Americans can only see distinctively drawn lines between the Republicans and Dems. I'm socially a little more liberal, but fiscally more conservative. I think they used some heavy scare tactics to promote the necessity of such an increase in the ceiling. I would have voted no to increase the debt ceiling based on the information I'm aware of, but since I'm not there in DC I'm sure there are details I don't know. I just know that getting more credit cards to pay off credit cards seems a little ludicrous in personal financing, so why should we promote our nation to do just that? We need to take a hardcore look at our spending practices.

  3. Ahh the debt ceiling...I personally think that in a time when most americans are having to cut back on their spending, so should the government!

  4. amen and amen!!! We need to work together. this political climate is exhausting and far from being "united"


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