Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hello, elastic waistband!

I've been fighting it off long enough.  My belly is definitely expanding and things are getting rounder in that region.  My regular pants still fit when I'm up and walking around, no problem.  When I sit?  Not so much.  So a few weeks ago, in anticipation of this day, I did some online shopping and bought some maternity clothes.  Two pairs of pants.  Two shirts.  All cute!

The pants are funny because on the top, they look like pants a toddler would wear with a nice thick elastic band.  So hot.  The jeans I bought (Old Navy, $20) fit surprisingly well.  With the right shirt that covers that sexy elastic waist, you can't even tell they are maternity jeans. 

I am now almost 17 weeks pregnant.  And I'm pretty sure my belly is on the slightly bigger side of almost 17 weeks.  Some moron lady I work with said to me last week, "Wow, you're really popping out for 16 weeks!"  And in my head, I was like, "Eff you, lady!"  Seriously.  No pregnant (or not pregnant) woman wants to hear they are BIG.  I chalk it up to the fact that I had a flat belly and a thin waist prior to all this happening so I'm just 'showing' sooner than a woman with a chubby belly.  At my last MD check-up I was right on track with weight gain so take that, nosy coworker!  Sheesh.

If you've been pregnant, when do you start to 'show'?  Last week was when my belly really started to 'pop' but I've definitely felt like I've had a beer gut for a few weeks now.

Anyone else have any 'insensitive comment' stories to share?  I'm sure there will be plenty more where this came from in the next 5 month before I deliver.


  1. Um, yeah... insensitive comments are just part of being preggo. I have countless stories, but my faves are always AFTER I have had the baby and people ask if I'm pregnant or when I'm due. Awesome.
    In other news, I TOLD you maternity jeans are awesome. All the good stuff about jeans PLUS an elastic waistband. Seriously, how can you go wrong?
    I think you look just perfect for where you are at in the pregnancy. I can't wait to find out the gender!!!

  2. you look adorable!!! pay no attention to that crazy lady!

    someone once told me that i have legs "like a sprinter" after i already told them i was a distance runner. i did not take it in a nice way!

  3. Briana, you look awesome. Super cute pregnant lady.

    Also a while ago you asked what race I'm doing and I never answered. I'm doing the Layton Half Marathon this Saturday. It starts on the causeway from Antelope Island. It's supposed to rain. Oh well.

  4. You look great. I am short so I expected to pop early, but it was at about 20 weeks. I needed maternity pants at about 18 weeks I think.

    I have been lucky and have gotten no nasty comments, but, I have also been living outside the states since week 18, so I can't understand them if they are talking crap in German about me ;)

    Make sure to get some full panel pants, they are awesome...


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